Old vs. New



Imagine 1999,

Spongebob Squarepants was da bomb, Ricky Martin was living La Vida Loca and Brad Pitt was a figment of our imagination in Fight Club.

Oh, Snap!

Though we had a lot to offer back then, the 411 is that The Thomas Branigan Memorial Library has changed with the times. We’re basically the Future now.

No more smelly library cards on the inside book cover, (though your librarian may enjoy that smell), or lame ethernet cables and slow connection.

We’ve come a long way since 1999,

with Free Wifi, and a computer lab to edit social media videos.  You can get totally academic with homework help, chillax at teen game nights and hang out during other events held at the library. 

The library is all that and a bag of chips, for everyone! You can elevate your skills by jamming at guitar lessons or get jiggy at a Tai Chi sesh. 

Or how about, blinging out your crib with rented artwork and growing some plants with the Tierra Sagrada Seed Library.

And of course, you can check out books!

Not just printed books, but digital and audiobooks too, straight from the Libraries website. 

So grab your home skillet, bounce to Branigan (on the net or in the flesh), and say “wazzup!” to everything new!

See the

Before After
Before After
Before After

What's New?

Get Jiggy With It: Hey now, you’re a rock star. With electric acoustic and bass guitar lessons, you can get the show on. Did we mention it’s FREE! Just bring your own guitar and get jiggy with it.


Chillax With Arts & Crafts: Not only can you rent Art, but you can also help create it.  Join us for Arts and Crafts events and crafting socials.

Get Totally Academic: Study like a pro with various resources, ebooks, and online access. You can also join book clubs and any of our regular learning and education events.

Off the Chain Games: From Tony Hawk to Lego Star Wars, come hang out for off-the-chain game night. Thursdays at 5 pm!

Totally Tubular Tierra Sagrada: The seed library is a community seed sharing program where we “cultivate a community of seed savers.” You can check out up to 10 seed packets a season with your library card. That’s pretty cool!

To see how the Library is super fly